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Energy Watch Group Joins a Worldwide Network of Climate NGOs

October 17, 2017, Berlin –  The international network of scientists and parliamentarians Energy Watch Group has joined the Climate Action Network (CAN), the worldwide network of over 1100 non-governmental organizations, working on climate and energy issues. On October 13, the Energy Watch Group was officially endorsed as a member by the General Assembly of the […]

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Urgent rethink required as Germany’s Energy Transition stalls

Urgent rethink required as Germany’s Energy Transition stalls Energy Watch Group says renewables must increase prominence after coming election 15.09.2017, Berlin – With the German election looming later this month, the country is seeing its ambitious Energy Transition – the Energiewende – stall. The former global leader is seeing the rate at which renewable energy is […]

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Energy Watch Group Newsletter – August 2017

Accelerating Transition to 100% Renewables | Coal & Nuclear Outcompeted | Peak Oil and Peak Gas As prices for renewables keep falling, the global transition to 100% will happen faster than many think. To accelerate the process, we need innovative policy measures, writes EWG President Hans-Josef Fell. By 2022, global solar PV capacity is set to surpass nuclear for […]

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Energy Watch Group Newsletter – July 2017

Banks, Governments Finance Fossil Fuels | Coal & Nuclear in Sharp Decline | Renewables Hit the Tipping Point  As banks and governments remain heavily invested in the fossil fuel industry despite the international climate committments, shareholders increasingly start to hold their banks and companies accountable. In Australia, in the first world’s case a couple has filed a lawsuit against its bank for not informing […]

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