Nuclear – Dead or Alive? | Plans for a Hydrogen Rollout | Facing Zero Emissions

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Dear Colleagues and Friends,

First of all, we’re sorry. Please excuse the belated delivery of our February newsletter. It’s just a very short month and our project pipeline for this year is already running at full capacity, like no natural gas pipeline ever will. Hopefully.

But enough excuses, we come to you with a wide bouquet of topics on the global energy transition: From the manifold obstacles paving the way to COP26 in Glasgow, to the re-emergence of the nuclear debate and the worrisome focus on carbon neutrality (“net zero”) rather than zero emissions, we have it all covered.

Before we get there, do you have a good sleep? No nightmares about climate change? Good for you then, because one out of five children between 8-16 years has nightmares about global warming, according to a recent study by UK pollster ComRes. The same poll among UK’s youth has also revealed that 41% of children don’t trust adults to tackle the climate crisis. And to be honest, looking at the past decades of climate governance, the young generation has every right to be worried about their future.

We adults, be it in business, politics, academia or just in “normal” life, have to do our best to regain that trust, to push for bolder steps and more ambitious climate policies. A key factor in limiting the climate crisis is a complete phase-out of fossil fuels and an accelerated roll-out of renewable energy. A key policy for realizing this measure is currently celebrating its 20th anniversary: Co-authored by our president Hans-Josef Fell, the German Renewable Energy Sources Act, also known as EEG, has laid the foundation for Germany’s energy transition and has been copied around 100 times in countries around the world.

Unfortunately, there is still far too little political commitment for climate protection, cutting emissions, rolling out renewables and bringing forward an energy transition across all sectors. But that’s exactly what we need to limit global warming and it’s what an increasing number of (youth) activists, politicians, organizations and businesses are working towards. It’s not too late to make the goal of a 100% renewable energy system a majority position in every country. And we won’t stop until this goal is reached and all of us can sleep without nightmares about global warming. Until then, enjoy our newsletter.

Your EWG Team