Joe Biden & Fracking? | Insufficient EU Climate Targets | The Potential of Geothermal Energy

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November is already over and we’re counting the days for this dreadful year to end. Still, before we’re there, you should definitely take a look at our newsletter to stay up to date on international energy policy, the EWG’s latest activities and our coverage of insightful new scientific findings.

This month, our attention was drawn to three different regions across the globe:

  • USA: President elect Joe Biden and his unclear stance on fracking
  • Europe: Why the EU’s climate targets are heading for insufficiency
  • From Australia to Asia: Renewable mega projects to export solar & wind energy

Our science section will provide you with new insights on the untapped but enormous potential of geothermal energy as well as on the importance of policy coordination for the deployment of renewables.

And last but not least, we’ll update you on the EWG’s latest activities. Our president, Hans-Josef Fell was interviewed by Germany’s major public television station ZDF for an investigative piece on the danger of electricity blackouts, where he highlighted the advantages of a local grid fueled by renewable energy. Also, we strongly encourage you to follow us on Twitter & LinkedIn, because we’ve still got some projects in our pipeline to be published before the year comes to an end. Until then, take care of yourself, look after one another & enjoy our newsletter.

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