„Towards 100% Renewables“| Renewables to Reshape the World | Mixed Bag in Germany – January 2019

Energy Watch Group Newsletter – January 2019

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

Our January newsletter is (almost) all about renewables. 100% renewable energy is a reality today with numerous best practices and commitments around the world. Doubt it? Have a look at the white paper “Towards 100% Renewable Energy”, launched by IRENA Coalition for Action, including the Energy Watch Group. Renewables are reshaping the global geopolitics and have a strong peacebuilding effort, another IRENA high-level report concludes. In Germanyrenewables have for the first time overtaken coal as main source in electricity in 2018, having accounted for over 40% of electricity production. The Baltic Sea Region can switch to 100% renewable energy electricity in a cost-efficient way, new research by Lappeenranta University of Technology shows. Find out these news and more in our new newsletter.