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Dear Colleagues and Friends,

First of all, we’re sorry, this newsletter comes seven days late. But we’re still at the beginning o the year and this newsletter is still worth reading! Let‘ start: 2021 marks the beginning not only of a new year and new decade but hopefully also the beginning of humanity winning the fight against COVID-19. But even though there is still a pandemic going on, along with activists worldwide we cannot stop raising awareness for the other big emergency that is threatening our survival – climate change. We hope this year will be one of bold and ambitious climate action ending successfully with COP26 in Glasgow.

Sadly this first month has already provided an example of the opposite: Gazprom presented the company’s energy strategy to the Russian president and it’s full of fossil fuel expansion projects for gas. These are bad news, or as our President, Hans-Josef Fell put it: “From a climate protection perspective, one gets sick of it.” Nevertheless, we have to work on a better, and increasingly renewable future.

But now let’s get into the newsletter. This month it’s going to cover a broad bouquet of topics from climate adaptation, to gender inequality and role models from the far East and much more. Their connections to the energy transition might not always be obvious to you, but trust us, once you read through the articles, they will become clear.

Enjoy the reading!

Your EWG Team