Renewables vs. Nuclear | Latest Blows to Coal & Oil | Costa Rica, Hawaii, Balearics to Break Fossil Free – May 2018

Energy Watch Group Newsletter – May 2018

May is bringing a lot of good news on progress in renewable energy and blows to the coal and oil industryCosta Rica is about to make history as the first country in the world to go completely fossil free. In the US and the UK, renewables especially wind power are overtaking nuclear energy. The list of countries, planning to phase out coal keeps growing: the Netherlands announced it will ban the use of coal in electricity generation in the coming decade. Finland confirmed its plans to ban the use of coal by 2029. The insurance giant Allianz made headlines by extending its divestment policy on coal. Several studies by IRENA show that the deployment of renewable energy needs to be scaled up in order to meet the Paris Agreement targets and the SDG7 on affordable and clean energy.


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