Between Racism & Climate Change | Carbon Bubble About to Burst? | A Just Fossil Phase-Out in 5 Steps

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Our world seems more fragile than ever before. It is like a perfect storm, a multidimensional crisis, in which mutually reinforcing dynamics can cause great damage. We aren’t only dealing with a health crisis and its far-reaching economic and social consequences, but we also receive new dramatic news every day about how the climate crisis is coming to a head. At the same time, many countries worldwide are also experiencing a political and social upheaval sparked by the killing of George Floyd, exposing the deep systemic inequalities based on structural racism in the US and beyond. The world seems to be suffering from a painful wake-up call to all those things it has been ignoring & suppressing for years. 2020 is a year that forces us to change for the better on so many levels.

Although we are currently hearing many pledges from governments, leaders and companies that have supposedly recognised all these problems, we find ourselves in a race against time. And to be able to keep up with this race, we won’t only need a global-zero emission economy based on 100% renewable energy but we also must understand the interlinkages between the climate crisis and many other problems we face, such as structural racism, sexism and economic interdependencies. Which is why in our May Newsletter you will find insights on…

  • … how racism and climate change are connected
  • … why a worldwide energy transition also has a gendered dimension
  • … the consequences of a possible fossil industry collapse for the world economy

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PS: While fighting for climate action continues to be a herculean task, we’re happy that this month our team was joined by another fierce climate warrior, Sophie Marquitan. From now on, she will be charge of the EWG’s fundraising undertaking, more about her in our “How We’ve Been Active” section.