Energy Watch Group Newsletter – May 2016

More investment, more installed capacity, more jobs – 2015 was a record year for renewables, according to the latest REN21 and IRENA reports. Europe has lost its position as renewable energy leader, as most of the investment came from the emerging and developing countries. Meanwhile, major oil companies are having big troubles as shareholders are increasingly pushing for a reassessment of their business models against the Paris climate targets and as new evidence on stranded assets is piling up. Despite latest commitments, G7 countries keep investing billions in coal facilities abroad. This news and a new study on 100% renewable energy in Iran in our latest newsletter.

Energy Watch Group Newsletter – April 2016

It has been a grim decade for oil investors, writes the Economist. The first-quater results released by the major oil companies prove the industry is in the “worst peacetime crisis”. Two new reports strongly warn the fossil fuel companies to downsize their production or face a rapid collapse. On the positive side, a recent study of the world’s top 500 investors has shown almost half of them started considering climate risk in their strategies. Meanwhile, the EWG President has urged the EU to raise its climate ambition in line with the new Paris Agreement commitments. On May, 12 the EWG will present a new comprehensive book on highly controversial fracking. This news and a new study on energy storage in our newsletter.

Energy Watch Group Newsletter – March 2016

2015 was a record year for renewables as worldwide investments in clean energy outpaced gas and coal by 2:1. For the first time, developing and emerging countries, most notably China, invested more than developed ones. Meanwhile, the world’s largest private coal miner Peabody has filed for bankruptcy, China’s Five Year Plan leaves no big hopes for coal and Saudi Arabia announces its plans for a post-oil era. A new film about the global energy transformation is out in the German cinemas. This news and a new study on a 100% renewable energy system in Brazil in our newsletter.

Energy Watch Group Newsletter – February 2016

2016 may become the peak coal year in China as the world’s largest coal consumer is closing down some 1,000 coal mines this year, analysts say. Germany has to accelerate its  efforts on climate protection to meet the Paris Agreement targets, a new Greenpeace study finds. Another analysis warns that a late and abrupt transition to low-carbon economy would be damaging for GDP and for investors and governments. This news and a new comprehensive analysis of a controversial fracking technology in our newsletter.

Energy Watch Group Newsletter – January 2016

The latest economic trends in the oil, coil and nuclear industries increasingly warn investors to rethink their assets. A report by Oxford University found that Australian coalmines as well as US and Chinese coal power plants are among riskiest investments. Nuclear industry in Europe is facing high costs, a leaked report of the European Commission shows. Meanwhile, as prices for renewables are falling, they are set to outcompete costly LNG projects, financial analysts say. And the latest IRENA report showcases positive macroeconomic effects of a global energy transition. These news and more in our newsletter.

Energy Watch Group Newsletter – December 2015

Energy Watch Group wishes you a happy, healthy and energizing New Year! 

As oil investors have struggled with sinking oil prices in 2015, renewable energy attracted record global investment worldwide. A new study proves that renewables can supply all of India’s and its neighbours’ electricity. Meanwhile, the Indian government has launched a breakthrough International Solar Alliance at the climate conference in Paris. These news and a snapshot of our main studies and activities in 2015 in our newsletter.

Energy Watch Group Newsletter – November 2015

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

In November, Energy Watch Group has released two comprehensive analyses of the International Energy Agency’s annual World Energy Outlook report. The IEA keeps massively underestimating the potential of renewables while overrating conventional energy. Meanwhile, 100% renewable power is feasible in 139 countries, according to a new scientific study. And in 2015, emerging markets have for the first time invested more in renewables than industrial countries. These news and more in our EWG newsletter.

Energy Watch Group Newsletter – September 2015

Surprisingly for many, global coal demand and shale gas production in the US have been in decline in the last months. Meanwhile, divestments from fossil fuel worldwide have increased fivefold since September 2014. The International Energy Agency keeps underestimating the potential of renewable energy, despite its exponential growth in the last decade. These news and more in our EWG newsletter.