Exchange with German MP Al-Halak: Hydropower Plants Have Great Potential

The Energy Watch Group was part of the expert panel to evaluate the potential of hydropower, convened by Member of German Parliament Muhanad Al-Halak (FDP spokesman on water policy) on July 5, 2024. Alongside other representatives from business, research, and practice, Dr. Hartmut Fischer, Managing Director, was invited to provide insights on the ecological and energetic value of hydropower.

“Hydropower can do much more than just generate kilowatt hours. Its potentials as a decentralized and climate-neutral energy supply are far from exhausted. It can also make enormously valuable contributions to emergency power supply, especially in blackout scenarios of critical infrastructures, as well as to local flood protection, climate protection, and climate adaptation,” summarized Al-Halak.

Read the press release from the parliamentary office (in German) here.

Foto: German Bundestag/Office Muhanad Al-Halak, MdB