Press release | New hydropower study #Wasserkraft2030

The Energy Watch Group has presented a new study at Europe’s leading hydropower event:

“Hydropower – the new gamechanger for climate mitigation, domestic energy and water ecology”

The scientific findings show that hydropower can supply an additional 28 TWh of clean electricity in Germany alone, which is more than double, and make positive contributions to water ecology, drinking water production and climate protection. It is therefore time for politicians and administrators to abandon their often dismissive attitude and make greater use of hydropower.

  • Study presented at a press conference in Salzburg on the occasion of RENEXPO INTERHYDRO, Europe’s leading event in the field of hydropower and renewable energies.
  • 28 TWh of hydropower feasible in Germany alone in the medium term through repowering, modernization and reactivation of historic sites – equivalent to the electricity consumption of all East German households
  • Reassessment of the positive ecological contribution of hydropower to water ecology, the development of flora, fauna and fish as well as climate adaptation called for
  • Study makes proposals for adjustments to the EEG and political support at EU, federal, state and municipal level


So far, the study has been published in German only.

The entire study can be found here.

The full press release can be found here.