EWG Annual Report 2023

Globally 2023 was a year of both unpleasant and encouraging news for climate change. We are rapidly approaching the 1.5-degree Celcius threshold with high and unthrottled CO2 emissions and there are already significant negative impacts on both humankind and nature. At the same time, renewables have surpassed fossil and nuclear energy globally in terms of added generation capacity and investment volume.

This trend is reflected in Germany as well. In a concerted effort, the German government has passed numerous measures to set the course for a sizeable expansion of renewable energy in the sectors electricity and heat. The installed capacity of wind and solar power plants in 2023 is approximately 50% higher than that of 2022. However, significant progress is nor foreseeable in the transportation sector, and the Building Energy Act was significantly diluted before being passed.

In 2023, the Energy Watch Group became a non-profit leagl entity – the EWG Energy Watch UG. This strengthens the EWG, giving it more independence in financing and its operation. Hans-Josef Fell continues to serve as President of the EWG.

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