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Annual Report | Recent Studies | Doomsday Glacier | The Concept of „Net Zero“

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Dear Colleagues and Friends,

as the first month of the new year has already come to a close, we would like to take the opportunity and wish you all a belated happy, successful and healthy new year.

We know that it’s been a while since you received our last newsletter, but we have not stood still in the meantime and with a new year 2022 we would like to share with you an update on our last months of work for the energy transition.

With two new studies published and two new members for our EWG team in Berlin,  the last quarter of the year 2021 has been very succcessful and exciting for us. Speaking of our achievements of the last year, we are very pleased to announce that our Annual Report 2021 is now available here.

Looking outside the walls of our office, it seems like the imminent threat of climate change is becoming increasingly prominent in the global community. Last year’s COP in Glasgow and accompanying climate protests by Fridays For Future definitely helped to bring the crisis into sharp focus and climate has been on the agenda of many media outlets more than before.

The  much-noted movie “Don’t Look Up” with Leonardo DiCaprio and Meryl Streep further showcases the trend of increasing attention to Climate Change in the broader society. Finally, the World Economic Forum manifests this feeling with the publication of their latest annual survey on perceived global risks. The Climate Crisis and its consequences account for five out of the top ten most urgent risks faced by society – releasing Covid-19 from first place this year.

Sadly, even though the Climate Crisis seems to be on everyone’s mind, governments and big corporations still don’t let their actions match their rhetoric. Greenwashing equally seems to be more present than ever.  The latest example is the EU Taxonomy that is very likely to label fossil gas and nuclear energy as ‘sustainable’, making way for increased private investment in both technologies and thereby obstructing an effective energy transition.

Nevertheless, we optimistically look forward to this new year 2022, in which we expect climate protection and the energy transition to continue to gather further momentum. For our part, we have already planned numerous exciting projects, which we will of course keep you informed about.

This months edition covers:

  • Two new EWG studies on renewable energies 
  • EWG Team additions
  • Experts raise alarms about cracking Antarctic ice shelf 
  • Potential and constraints of „net zero“ as a frame of reference for climate action

With that, we let you get right to it and wish you a wonderful week!

Enjoy the reading!

Your EWG Team

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