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Dear Colleagues and Friends,

The month of June is over and summer has arrived in the northern hemisphere. Above all else this means that various places in the world face renewed heat waves, demonstrating yet again that climate change is well under way and its consequences are devastating. Unprecedented temperature highs in the Pacific North-West of Canada and the USA have people struggling with droughts and heat-related deaths. More wildfires than ever are to be expected in these and many other regions.

At the same time, it still does not seem like state leaders or the international community have grasped the urgency of the situation: Global GHG emissions have reached, and in some places, such as China, surpassed the pre-pandemic level, 600 new coal plants are planned by 5 Asian countries alone, and the energy transition is not progressing at the necessary speed.

Nor did the G7, who met mid-June to discuss pressing international issues like COVID-19 and Climate Change, make any substantial progress in their plans to fight the climate crisis. In fact, they failed yet again to deliver any concrete strategies to limit global warming to 1.5°C. They were not even able to uphold previous commitments to climate finance for the Global South. All in all, it was another rather empty Summit.

Our Newsletter this month addresses to a large part our own achievements and news about our activities. Additionally, we present three recent academic articles on varying topics related to the global energy transition.

This month’s edition covers:  

With that, we let you get right to it and wish you a happy & healthy month of July.

Enjoy the reading!

Your EWG Team