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Dear Colleagues and Friends,

In the last week of May we published our latest study about a potential path for Germany to reach 100% renewable energies until 2030. Our calculations show that it is both feasible and economically advantageous for Germany to be powered entirely by renewables. The study is featured in our very first article this month, so you cannot miss it!

In other news, the month of May witnessed a crucial leap forward from the side of the International Energy Agency (IEA), usually not known for their progressive stance on renewable energies. In a report called “NetZero by 2050” the IEA outlines the, in their view, most important steps to a Net Zero world, for the first time acknowledging the feasibility necessity of bringing emissions to (close to) zero. While their stance is still by far not ambitious enough, this report is a big step in the right direction.

Moreover, this month was a devastating one for Big Oil. Exxon is coming under increasing pressure from climate activist shareholders, now holding two seats of the companies’ executive board. Additionally, the groundbreaking ruling over Shell’s responsibility to adhere to the Paris Agreement is still and will continue to create a stir in the landscape of oil companies (more details in our article on climate activism).

Moreover, this month’s edition covers:

With that, we let you get right to it and wish you a happy & healthy June.

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Your EWG Team