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Dear Colleagues and Friends,

The month of April is already over and next to the latest news on vaccinations and COVID-19 rules, which most of the world is still grappling with, we picked up on a few stories about energy and climate, that we want to share with you.

First of all, in a historic decision, the German federal constitutional court declared the country’s current climate law insufficient to effectively protect future generations from climate change. As a consequence, the government now must adapt its current targets, providing for clear measures from 2030 onwards. The court therewith indirectly affirms that Germany’s carbon budget will be essentially diminished by 2030, indirectly stating that any emissions after this date will jeopardise the 1.5°C target. To what extent the government will adapt its climate policies, remains to be seen, but one thing is clear: This ruling provides enormous momentum for the national climate movement and its impact will spread far beyond Germany’s borders.

In other news, on April 22nd, we celebrated Earth Day. Under the motto #RestoreEarth, we collectively remembered that it is our duty to protect the environment and the climate on our home, planet Earth. In the spirit of Earth Day, US president Biden held a virtual Climate Summit, hosting many of our world’s leaders, where he announced to cut CO2 emissions in the US by 50% until 2030. The summit and its (lack of) outcomes has caused frustration among climate activists from Fridays For Future and alike, who have long been demanding more ambitious goals in order to actually achieve what was agreed on in Paris, in 2015.

Moreover, this month’s edition covers:

With that, we let you get right to it and wish you a happy & healthy month of May.

Enjoy the reading!

Your EWG Team