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Dear Colleagues and Friends,

What a month it has been: While a second wave of the pandemic is starting to roll over the European continent, endangering our healthcare systems and economic stability once again, we must always keep in mind: We will get out of this health crisis, but let’s not forget about the other crisis that’s just around the corner!

And this leads us to the actual topic of this newsletter: Climate change. A topic we are not able to escape from and a crisis we will not get out of – at least for the next century to come. While we cannot prevent this crisis anymore, we can, fortunately, contain and limit its effects. That is what we are working for and that is why we urge you, dear readers, to stay informed about our fight for a brighter future.

This month, the EWG newsletter covers our take on…

We are happy to also have some good news to announce: Together with the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), the EWG will develop a 100% renewable electricity roadmap for Taiwan, read more about this new project right here. Also, our President was able to travel to Zurich (CH) and encouraged the country’s environmental community to push for a fast transition towards a fully renewable energy system.

And, if you’ve got time for a closer look, you should check out our compilation of the most recent scientific findings on the manifold benefits and promising developments of renewable energy.

Next month, we will most likely know who the future President of the United States will be, and whether or not this person will give the global community some hope again for multilateral action to combat the climate crisis. Until then, stay with us and enjoy the read.

Your EWG Team