Climate Crisis 2020 | EU Climate Policy – Minimal Ambition

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Dear Colleagues and Friends,

Fall is coming, at least in Berlin, where our office is located! The upcoming cold & rainy days will make us watch the leaves fall from the trees while we are inside continuing our efforts to fight the climate crisis. But we will not be fooled, our planet is still burning and drowning at the same time, with horrifying wildfires and rising tides flooding thousands of hectares. And the reason for all of this: The political failures of the past and present to act upon the climate crisis.

We must accelerate our efforts to cope with these global challenges, literally challenging the existence of our civilization. That’s no hoax, without serious policy shifts, we will be facing more than just an “unpleasant” future. But outrage and resistance continue to grow, further challenging the insufficient status quo of climate policy around the world. Back from its self-imposed exile into the digital dimension, Fridays For Future called for a global climate strike on September 25. Over 3,600 demonstrations worldwide have shown once again that, while the fight for more climate action is far from being won, protests won’t be silenced by nice words.

Speaking of lacking commitment, in this month’s newsletter you will find our take on the EU’s climate policy shortcomings. Moreover, we cover two new studies addressing the policy gaps in transportation and the how’s of a much-needed fossil phase-out.

And yes, despite its enormous relevance, energy isn’t everything when it comes to combatting the climate crisis. That is why the term “climate justice” is on the rise all throughout the climate movement. And for this idea to become reality – to reach real global justice – we need change at all levels. Together with more than 850 other organisations, we have called upon the UN Human Rights Council to recognize the right for all to a safe, clean, healthy and sustainable environment. And that is also why we ask you to stay informed, remain involved and raise your voice – our monthly newsletter will help you with all of that. Happy reading!

Your EWG Team