Health Risks, the new Climate Policy Implications | COP26 postponement means climate action delay? | Legislative Initiative for 100RE Solutions

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Dear Colleagues and Friends,

No matter where this newsletter will reach you, it seems like we all shared similar experiences this month: Almost everything we do, everywhere we go or didn’t go, most things we’re reading and seeing were somehow influenced by the global coronavirus pandemic. There is no country & no economic sector left unaffected. We’re seeing and experiencing things that seemed impossible six weeks ago – like negative oil prices for example. What everyone should have realized by now: We’re all in this together and we can only get out of it together.

But the when’s and how’s of it are still up for debate. Together with several other renowned NGO’s, associations and companies active in the fields of climate, renewable energy and sustainability, the Energy Watch Group has sent an open letter to the German Government & Parliament demanding a social-ecological transition. Any economic recovery programme in response to the current pandemic must be based on the principles of ecology, sustainability and justice in order to help our society in the long-term.

That is why our April newsletter is full of discussions about…

  • … embedding crisis-prevention & recovery policies within the  European Green Deal.
  • … how the postponement of COP26 could be a chance for more ambitious climate  targets.
  • … why the 50th anniversary of Earth Day focused on climate action.

Moreover, the EWG has published a legislative proposal to incentivize 100% renewable energy solutions and innovations – a good starting point for re-strengthening the general rollout of renewable energies and the economy in general, by the way.

With this, we leave you to our monthly take on climate & energy policy. Happy reading!

Your EWG Team