European Nuclear Disaster | IEA Misguides Governments | Wind & Solar Outpace Nuclear & Fossil Fuels – April 2018

Energy Watch Group Newsletter – April 2018

New European nuclear reactors, once proclaimed as a new impetus for the renaissance of the European nuclear industry, proved to be a financial disaster. Read a comprehensive brief by the Energy Watch Group, documenting the failures of the nuclear industry. We are glad to see more and more critical voices about the IEA’s misleading energy „scenarios“. A new study by Oil Change and the IEEFA showcases how the IEA misguides energy decisions by governments, undermining the Paris Agreement targets. No wonder that banks continue pumping billions into the dirtiest fossil fuels. On the positive side, wind and solar have been outpacing other sources in the UK and Germany, and Portugal produced over 100%renewable electricity in March.

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