New Oil Low | Stress Test for Coal | Big Business Backs Decarbonization – May 2017

Energy Watch Group Newsletter – May 2017

“Renewables come one way or another. Over the past few years, they have become economically viable despite low oil prices,” says Energy Watch Group President Hans-Josef Fell in his recent Joule interview. “If you leave the process to itself, it may take another 30 years. That is too late for our planet. If we actively promote them, we will prevent stock exchange crashes, wars and natural disasters.”

Indeed, renewables have become unstoppable and disrupt entire industries, says FT in their very impressive dossier. Hopes of successfully combatting climate change are dramatically improving. There are a lot of good signs of that: new oil discoveries have reached another historic low in 2016, large investors increasingly recognize the financial risks of climate change, big business  backs decarbonization. You will find  this news as well as studies on 100% renewables and news from the global divestment movement in our May newsletter.