The True Picture of Energiewende | Sins & Losses of Big Oil | China’s Peak Coal | Divestment Ticker – March 2017

Energy Watch Group Newsletter – March 2017

Germany is celebrated internationally as a role model for a successful energy transition. Its role has certainly be instrumental in enabling the worldwide breakthrough of renewables, but in the recent years many things have been going wrong. President of the Energy Watch Group elaborates on how to put the German Energiewende on track again in his op-ed. Meanwhile, the Lappeenranta University of Technology has published a series of impressive studies that prove that Ukraine, Iran, and Nigeria can switch to electricity supply fully based on renewables, which would be even cheaper than other energy options. Apart from that you will find news on peak coal in the emerging climate leader China and on the latest sins of the major oil companies. Last but not least, in this newsletter we are launching a live-ticker on global developments in the fossil fuel divestment movement. You will find these news and more in our March newsletter.