Technology to Transform the Energy Sector | 100% Renewables in East Asia and Europe | Ukraine as Role Model for Germany? – February 2017

Energy Watch Group Newsletter – February 2017

As global energy transition gathers pace, innovative technology can further disrupt and transform the energy sector much faster than the most of business-as-usual scenarios predict. Two major reports by Carbon Tracker and the McKinsey Global Institute come to this conclusion. Meanwhile, Ireland has as a first country in the world committed to fully divest from fossil fuels, as an increasing number of cities, Univerisities and businesses join the global divestment movement. As Ukraine has dramatically reduced its gas dependence on Russian energy supplies, Germany has become more dependent on them due to the political barriers to the energy transition in the country, argues EWG President. You will find this news and new studies on 100% renewable energy in East Asia and Europe in our February newsletter.