IEA’s Remarkable Camouflage | Climate Action, Renewables & Divestment on the March Despite Trump – December 2016

Energy Watch Group Newsletter – December 2016

2016 has seen progress in new commitments across the world to act on climate change. But it has also reminded us that the world is becoming more complex. In Germany, “post-truth” was named word of the year: all too often lies, appealing to emotion, were more influential than facts. Therefore, providing objective information and finding effective ways of disseminating it becomes more important than ever.

We are glad to see that in 2016, the International Energy Agency (IEA) started considering more realistic energy scenarios. But the IEA still heavily underplays renewable energy, especially wind and solar, as our analysis of its latest flagship report shows. Election of Donald Trump as the next US President raised questions about the future of international and in particular American climate policy. In this newsletter, we compiled the arguments why the climate action and renewable energy momentum will not stall, as the global divestment movement keeps growing and as new  roadmaps to stay below the 1.5°C threshold are emerging. Read more in our December newsletter.