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In our polarized world, individual political or economic interests often stand behind (pseudo-) scientific studies. We believe that transparent and objective information can keep policy-makers from taking wrong decisions and businesses from poor investments amounting to billions.
The Energy Watch Group (EWG) is seeking support from individuals like yourself, to be able to conduct high-quality independent research on important energy issues. We work above party lines and for non-profit.

The EWG is financed by funds, which flow into the Global Eco Transition gGmbH. A lot of the work, especially those of the members of the advisory board and the president, is done voluntarily and unsalaried. The Haleakala Foundation has provided core funding.

Help us to create a sustainable and prosperous future through the power of objective information! Donations are tax-privileged in Germany. For details please contact us.

How to donate?

Donation through HelpDirect

You can sustain us with a donation made through HelpDirect. You reach the website with this link.

Funding via bank transfer

You can also donate for our projects by a bank transfer to the following bank account:

Account holder: Global Eco Transition gGmbH

Intended purpose: Donation Energy Watch Group

Bank: GLS Gemeinschaftsbank

IBAN: DE62 4306 0967 1230 6808 00