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The Energy Watch Group (EWG)* is an independent, non-profit, non-partisan global network of scientists and parliamentarians.

The network was established in 2006 by an international group of parliamentarians under the direction of the then-member of the German Parliament Hans-Josef Fell with the idea that zero-emission technologies and especially the field of renewable energy needed much more political advocacy in order to withstand the political influence of the conventional energy sector.

Until today, policies are often shaped by international organizations and governments heavily influenced by the conventional energy industry that profits from the status quo. The powerful fossil and nuclear industry often use science as a tool to serve their own interests, leading to an intentional underestimation of the growth potential of renewable energy and its manifold opportunities for mankind.

As an independent think-and-do-tank, we are committed to change the status quo and open new perspectives, giving a voice to objective science. We are dedicated to change political action towards 100% renewable energy and climate protection.

* The EWG is a project of the Global Eco Transition gGmbH.

Research & Publications
• Developing 100% renewable energy scenarios
• Critical & fact-based analyses of status quo & review of external energy analyses
• Analysing impact of new technologies
• Investigative analyses on political influence of fossil & nuclear industry

Monitoring & Communications
• Monitoring energy trends & political developments
• Social media activities & publication of monthly newsletter
• Tracking global divestment progress via Divestment Tracker
• Own events & participation at international conferences

Political Advice & Advocacy
• Close exchange with network of parliamentarians & other political decision-makers
to disseminate scientific findings, transfer experiences & share best practices
• Developing policy recommendations for implementation of 100% renewable energy roadmaps

We are regularly offering internships for a duration of 3 to 6 months in our Berlin office. If you are passionate about environment & energy topics and interested to support our work we are happy to receive your application! Find out more about the internship vacancy & apply here (in German).

Currently, we are also reaching for a student assistant to support our communications team. We are looking forward to receive your application! Find out more about the student assistance vacancy & apply here (in German).

* I have read the privacy policy of this website and the privacy policy regarding applicants and accept it.


The EWG supports a comprehensive, factual, evidence-based and peer-reviewed analysis free of personal interests, particular commitments, value judgments or any other biases.


The EWG publishes all studies and reports open access (free of charge and accessible for everyone) on its website.


The EWG is committed to advance science in service of society. EWG acts to change political conduct to resonate with public interest by both educating the public and working with policymakers to deliver real change.

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Have we sparked your interest? Join our network!
If you are a researcher and would like to join our scientific board, please send us your academic CV and cover letter. The EWG commissions research projects in close consultation with its scientific board. As a member, you will profit from peer-review by renowned scientists, PR support to increase the impact of your EWG study and support with respect to funding.
If you are a parliamentarian and would like to get involved, please contact us. We will provide you with science-based information on energy topics, contacts with parliamentary colleagues in other countries and non-governmental experts and scientists.
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